21-day Nigerian food timetable for fast weight loss pdf.

Nigerian 21-day Food timetable for fast weightloss

Weight loss can be tricky, especially if you have tried different fad diets that make you cut off your favorite meals and snacks but still don’t give you your desired goals. And even if you have resolved to eat healthier, you may see yourself falling back into old habits.

What if there is a step-by-step food timetable to guide you through losing weight for the long run, complete with Nigerian African delicacies that you actually enjoy? With extra recipes and simple exercises to supercharge your immune system.

If that sounds enticing, then you’re in luck, as I have created a 21-day Nigerian food timetable filled with nutritious meals and exercises that will help you lose weight fast. All you have to do is commit for 21 days.

The 21-day meal plan is based on the formula of moderation. It guides you to follow the simple rule of weight loss – “burn more calories than you consume”. It also teaches you how to lose weight naturally.

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This weight loss guide will provide you with a shopping list, 25+ delicious recipes, a 21-day timetable, calorie intake for each recipe, and serving tips to help you enjoy your meals but still lose weight. Also, it gives you a great foundation to personalize your own food timetable and keep losing weight.

If you follow this timetable religiously, expect to drop about 4-7 kg in 21 days. You should look fitter, younger, and even healthier.

What you’ll gain!

You’ll gain easy-to-prepare recipes that are designed for busy people in mind. And to make things easier for you, you can choose to prep all your meals during the weekend to save you the stress of cooking daily.

Additionally, you can switch up the ingredients to suit your taste and budget. For example, you can select a different variety of vegetables or proteins to create your menu based on the guidelines in the book.

What’s included:

To participate in the 21-day weight loss challenge, download a copy of the Healthful Wonders 21-day weight loss e-book and follow the guidelines and recipes in the book.

There are lots of support and answers to any questions you might have. I really do hope you join this challenge!

Nigerian 21-day timetable to lose weight

21-Day Nigerian Food Timetable for Weight Loss Pdf.

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