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You are on a quest to discover the secret of longevity and healthy existence. And we are on this journey with you.

Healthful wonders provide real, and evidence-based answers for your most important health questions. Whether that’s discovering the health benefits of foods, spices, herbs that we eat on a daily basis or which home remedies or alternative therapies are worth trying, or discovering the benefits of African foods and herbs, or the best ways to deal with obesity or any other health condition, you’ve come to the right place.

We join people on their health journey, providing a comprehensive and holistic view of health and wellness.

Also, we champion healthy habits and attitudes for body and mind and go beyond the doctor’s office to explore the wisdom and scientific evidence surrounding alternative treatments and home remedies.

This website is run by passionate pharmacists and health professionals. We strive to provide you with evidence-based health information at all times.

Meet the Editor

Pharmacist JenniferJennifer Obidike is a pharmacist, writer, and editor at Healthful Wonders. She enjoys writing evidence evidence-based articles on health, wellness, beauty, fitness, and natural remedies. In her spare time, you can find her testing new culinary skills and researching.

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